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Peninsula where the crystal blue sea merges with the green hills and countryside... peninsula marching towards the crystal clear water and where the sun warms the beaches, this is the place where the most beautiful Istrian villas are. Istrian Villas offer a highly enjoyable holiday. Each villa has its own fascinating story that each person experiences in a special way. A unique experience for those seeking excellence and comfort. The character of the villas and uniqueness that is reflected in the quality and with all the extra services are irresistible and charming for each individual. Luxury villas on the beautiful peninsula of Istria offers a holiday in nature and quiet with all the attributes that will satisfy all your requirements and desires.Rural holiday accommodation in an authentic environment will be like going back to the past or modern accommodation where it offers sophistication combined with tradition. Accommodation by the sea or in the countryside will provide you with the beauty...

Istra - ville di lusso e appartamenti