Studio dentistico dr. Ceric-Dzaferovic Lejla, Sarajevo, Bosnia


Ul. Patriotske lige 43, 71000 Sarajevo Bosnia e Herzegovina

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Contatto Stomatološka ordinacija Cerić-Džaferović dr. Lejla Telefono +387 (0)33 213 507 Invia la richiesta


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You will always find us in good mood,willing to listen and solve your problem best way possible!
We dedicate special attention to each patient,because satisfied patient is our greatest success.
The ordination is equipped according to all European standards.We tend to create relaxed environment for the patients,so they would feel pleasant and relaxed.
We offer all kinds of dental services,which are provided by the general dentistry doctor and the team 
of specialists: oral surgery specialist,periodontics specialist,orthodontic specialist,
dental implant specialist and oral diseases specialist.
Some of the services with attractive prices we provide are:
Composite filling                                                                  20-30 EUR
One root tooth endodontic treatment                                     40  EUR
Two roots tooth endodontic treatment                                   50  EUR
Three roots tooth endodontic treatment                                60  EUR
Teeth whitening                                                                        250  EUR
Simple tooth extraction                                                             15  EUR
Complicated tooth extraction                                                   25  EUR
Wisdom tooth surgical extraction                                         100  EUR
Implant with metal ceramic crown installation                   750 EUR
Metal ceramic crown                                                               125 EUR
No metal zirconium Cad-Cam ceramic crown                  225 EUR
Total prosthesis                                                                       150 EUR
Partial prosthesis                                                                    250 EUR
Ceramic veneers                                                                    225  EUR
Subgingival teeth curettage                                                    15  EUR
Ultrasound teeth cleaning with polishing                            30  EUR
Air flow teeth cleaning                                                              25  EUR


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